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Quality Companion 3.3

Everything you need to manage your Lean Six Sigma and improvement projects
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Minitab's Quality Companion is a great tool for all professionals involved in process reviewal, continuous improvement, and project management. The program installs really easy and the interface is very user-friendly, even if you don't know where to start the project, the steps to be taken, phases to be worked on, or even the methodology approach you should use.

The Project Management area allows you to have all project needs and phases displayed in a familiar Folder Tree view, where you can see a road map that you can use to check the steps to be taken and add any additional task to those steps. In this panel you can manage the role of team members and assign tasks and then monitor their progress. You can get a great deal of help by using graphics such a Brainstorming, PERT, Fishbone, and Flowchart. Although there are other Brainstorming programs, Quality Companion allows you to have all this information in the same project and have the progress measured as you enter new data.

Quality Companion is an efficient and accurate tool for most type of projects, not only for Manufacturing. Practically all areas looking to gather information, measure and evaluate it would be better off using this tool.

Augusto Rivera
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  • An efficient and powerful tool loaded with most of the features a Project Leader would ask for


  • The price is not for a small company
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